What is the Shock Shutter?

Approximately 2400 children are injured every year when they stick small objects into the slots of electrical receptacles.* In order to reduce the number of these injuries, The National Electrical Code (NEC) was revised in 2008 to recommend that all new buildings use tamper resistant (TR) receptacles for power outlets. To date, 38 states now require TR receptacles and the remaining 12 states require TR receptacles on a local level. Installation of TR receptacles is costly, takes hours, requires the circuit breaker to be shut off, and will need to be installed by a licensed electrician. We, at High Performance Engineering, developed an affordable, alternative solution that also meets the NEC’s tamper resistant requirement. We call it The Shock Shutter. The Shock Shutter is a tamper resistant (TR) outlet cover that provides the same level of safety against electrical shocks as TR receptacles.


Key Features:

Shock Shutter

o    Prevents injuries caused by electrical shock from sticking small objects into the slots of electrical outlets

o    Quick and easy to install

o    Does not require shutting off the circuit breaker

o    Can be installed by anyone (No need to hire a licensed electrician)

o    It is much cheaper to install than installing TR receptacles

o    Meets NEC’s 2008 tamper resistant recommendation which is now required by most states

o   Made in the USA

How does it work?

The Shock Shutter is an electrical outlet cover with a built in Tamper Resistant (TR) shutter system. These shutters only open when something is inserted into both slots in the power outlet such as an electrical cord. When a common household item such as a paper clip, pin, or key is inserted into only one of the slots, the shutters do not open, preventing serious and possibly fatal injuries from electrical shocks.

Quick and Easy Installation

Installing the Shock Shutter is quick and easy. Anyone can install The Shock Shutter. You do not need a licensed electrician. The only tool that you will need is a screw driver. First you unscrew and remove the existing outlet wall plate. Then you place the Shock Blocker over the outlet and screw it into place. It’s that simple.

Quick Easy Installation

Keep Your Children Safe

Shock Shutter Tamper Resistant Outlet Covers are a great way to childproof homes. It’s budget friendly and easy installation make it a much better alternative to installing Tamper Resistant Receptacles or using Outlet Plugs (which are known to be a choking hazard).

What styles and colors of Shock Shutter are available?

The Shock Shutter will be available in both duplex and décor styles. The Shock Shutter is designed for installation over standard duplex or decor 2 plug outlets.  We are making the Guidelights in various colors including: white, ivory, and red / orange for hospitals.